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permissions post (lc)

🎆 First Impressions

♚ VISUAL: HE'S A HOT EFFING MESS. So, on a good day, Strange looks like what people would expect a magician to look like: tall, pale, skinny and striking, like hella Byronesque. He has dark hair with flecks of gray throughout. The problem here is that Strange hasn't really had a good day in a while. So his hair is most likely not brushed, his smile is most likely far too wide and toothy, and he's got a bit of a case of crazy eyes.
♚ FASHION: Picture the early 1800s but like, worn by somebody who forgot about things like "changing their clothes" and "personal hygiene." Going mad is horrible for your fashion sense. Strange normally wears a long, worn black coat over the most poorly tied cravat. Now that he's in the carnival, he's likely to change up his wardrobe a bit, but he'll tend towards clothes that are pseudo1800s as well as in neutral tones: lots of browns and blacks.
- generally carries himself with a respectable air
- he is a gentleman!
- nosy and inquisitive and hey let's bother this, I want to bother this
♚ AURAL: British and sort of upper crust. Strange's voice isn't too deep and isn't too high pitched. He is DEFINITELY prone to showing his emotions, voice jumping all over the emotional spectrum with his moods.
♚ OLFACTORY: That's a good question. Likely, Strange smells faintly like smoke (he keeps using candles in his spells) and more strongly like whatever nasty thing he's currently using in a spell.
♚ MENTAL INFORMATION: I mean he literally drove himself mad. That's...a thing. Thankfully, Strange is much more stable now than when he first arrived but due to the fact that he's prone to making REALLY AWFUL DECISIONS, there's very easy potential for backsliding. Any sort of creepy telepathing would be able to pick up that he doesn't take loss well in the slightest and is far too impulsive for his own good.
♚ MAGICAL INFORMATION: just look at his app, the man is WAY TOO FRICKEN OP and definitely reads as "magician!" and "has magic!" and "he's very human but also very magical."


♚ BACKTAGGING: I'll backtag until the cows come home. however, I'll prioritize plot important threads in my backtagging.
♚ FOURTHWALLING: blanket nope! Because really, how many people would know about the series to begin with.
♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: ???? Kissing???? What do? Some physical affection would be alright, but Strange isn't going to progress beyond gently placing a hand on someone/those sort of calm, platonic sort of gestures. He's massively hung up about his missing wife.
♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: He is a gentleman and gentlemen do not fight or kill people or anything like that! Needless to say, this is all a very dignified way of saying it is way too easy to punch Jonathan Strange's face in, because he won't be expecting physical violence in the slightest. Of course, he's likely to retaliate via magic, whether trying to stop the attacker via magic or just saying "eff this noise" and teleporting away. I'm 100% up for this, but let's plot things out before any violence happens.
♚ RELATIONSHIPS: he's married and still hung up over his wife (her name is Arabella and she's so pretty and he loves her soooooo much) so yeah, relationships ain't gonna happen unless your name is Arabella and you're so smart and beautiful and amazing and totally not a tree.

🎆 Permissions

♚ SUMMONING: Part of Strange's magic lets him summon a fairy. Ideally back home he'd summon a fairy to make a bargain with it, but new world, new rules, the sort of magician/fairy bargain ain't gonna take! However, he's still able to summon fairies, mostly because I think it'd be hilarious for Strange to accidentally summon a different character and both of them just going "well this is awkward." He'd be more prone to summoning those further affected by fairy magic than newbies.
♚ SCRYING: Strange can see where people are via scrying! Can he do this with your character?
♚ TELEPORTATION: Can he just show up randomly where you are via teleportation? He usually travels via mirrors, which limits where he can go, though he can travel via puddles if need be.
♚ OTHER MAGICAL NONSENSE: He's got a whole host of other magical nonsense (making weather, making sand into sand horses, teleporting via puddles & mirrors, so on and so forth). If your character's got any sort of thing that means they'd rather not deal with said magical nonsense, please tell me! Likewise, if there's something you don't want your character to see (like, don't use fire magic around Frankenstein's monster) then this is the place to say so! Really, this question is mostly because Strange is ridiculous and I know I can't cover all my bases, so this is the bases covering question.
♚ CODE: Please fill out the form below and reply to this post!

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CAN STRANGE CREEP ON YOUR CHARACTER VIA SCRYING? Yes! but let me know when he does it so i can helpfully communicate what inane and/or embarrassing thing Lambert is doing at the time WOO HOO
CAN STRANGE BOTHER YOUR CHARACTER VIA TELEPORTATION? Yes! But same as scrying, lmk when he gonna do it.
OTHER MAGICAL NONSENSE: We already did something with this shit, but Lambert casually gives off a low-level hum of energy that some magic-users may be sensitive to. Since canon's not fucking clear on what the source of it is and the only instance of it we have is from one book, PLUS THE WHOLE CROSSCANON THING, it's pretty opt-in on whether he picks up on it or not, whether it's a thing that just happens some times but not others, or if we only say it exists when we think it's hilarious. /THUMBS UP