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ic contact (lost carnival)

FREQUENCY: 232.67834
DESCRIPTION: Strange occasionally forgets his frequency exists. Expect responses to be erratic, occasionally delayed, and just a bit all over the place.

LOCATION: Mailbox on Door
DESCRIPTION: Strange will actually check the mailbox! Really, that's the better way to get in contact with him than the channel, he's too scatterbrained for that. Just ignore the fact that the mailbox's door doesn't close properly and it's already got a few scorch marks.
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[Checking in the mailbox will reveal a very small package, wrapped up carefully. Opening it reveals a single cufflink, and under it a letter written in what is actually pretty tidy writing.]

Use this in case of emergencies. All you have to do is touch it and think of me really hard. It'll take you straight to the inside of my trailer, hopefully away from anything that's causing us trouble. It only works on the grounds of the carnival, so get very good at running back here and always keep in mind how to get back.

- Joker

[Look, he signed his name and everything, no playing card- HA HA NAH there is absolutely a joker playing card beneath the note. What the fuck, Joker]
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FREQUENCY 843.77425

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Strange, pick up the damn radio.
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I've got good news for you. Looks like we might get a proper training yard soon.

[ Good news for Lambert, probably bad news for Strange. Now he has a proper space to make him run around (warmups are necessary if you don't want to pull a fucking muscle, Strange) before they get to their semi-regular knife lessons. ]
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[ You can all but hear him grinning like a shark. ]

It'll be great. Lots of equipment to really get you in shape.
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Don't know yet. Engineering's working on it. It's got lasers.

[ Does Lambert know what a laser even is? Fuck no, but it sounds cool. ]

Anyway, since I want you to actually use it, I thought I'd ask: what kind of equipment would you need to practice magic with? Elements for you to draw from, I figured, but what else?

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Sorry about Lauren... He doesn't know how to talk to people. He just worries about me cause of my magic messing things up a lot.

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phonecall -- strange's office

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[ Sometime after the 7th, Strange's office is going to get a phone call. Does he pick up? ]
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Hey. It's me.
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[ Where Strange sounds perky, Lambert just sounds kind of tired and irritable, but it's nothing to do with him in particular in this case. ]

Yeah, I had a couple of questions for you. [ A beat. It feels stupid to be paranoid now, of all times, but... ] Can we talk here, or should I come by?

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Mr. Strange,

There is something of great import I must discuss with you. Please meet me at the East Market by the golden butterflies statue at [ some time that is totally separate from the other time and day he asked Steven to meet him, okay? ].

[ Signed simply with the name 'John Childermass' at the end and left, folded over once, in the mailbox.

And, as stated before in the note, he will indeed be waiting there by a statue on the end of the East Market that more or less seems to be made of living, golden butterflies, fluttering endlessly from one form to another, sometimes a giant bird, sometimes a lion, sometimes a tree, and so on. He stands out starkly against all the color of the summer city street in his black and white, leaning idly against the base of the statue (if something like that could really be called a statue) and while away the time by puffing on his pipe.
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[ That the statue is attention-getting isn't an issue. It's even part of why he picked the spot. It's hard to miss, even if one's never been to this end of the city's markets before. So when Strange shows up to stare at the shifting mass of golden butterflies, it's taken in stride.

Childermass takes the brief silence between the other magician showing up to do that and actually saying anything to empty his pipe and tuck it away into his vest somewhere.

Easy to find, too. [ Practical as always, after all. ] But I am afraid we aren't here for sight-seeing.
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[ Because Childermass is rarely ever the bearer of good news, only this time... well, it'll be kind of good news. Just a little. ]

I really do have reason to believe we've not seen the last of the Rose Queen.

[ But he does have to start with the bad news first. ]

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Day 169 - Not!Mailbox

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[In the dead of night shortly after the carnival moves Tyki will place one decent sized desk on top of Strange's trailer. It even has pull out drawers for his convenience and use. The middle drawer is even fitted with a lock and key.

Perched on the corner edge of the desk is a single Tease, one of his dark purple cannibalistic golemsbutterflies, holding a note: I remember you mentioning a great need for a desk. With Regards, Tyki Mikk.
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[The one thing anyone should learn about Tyki is that he constantly on a daily basis defies the impossible. It's his power given to him as a Noah that allows him certain perks. It makes his life a lot easier and he's quite thankful for it. Poor Strange. So many questions and a day like today he might be far too mischievous to actually give him any straight answers.

This butterfly in particular has been ordered to stick around for a short time in order to make sure Strange receives the note but if told to wait it will deliver the thank you note. That is if Strange is mad enough to talk to a butterfly.

Either way, it returns after some time with another note:

Dear Mr. Strange,

I was hoping you could find use for it. I am pleasantly pleased to hear you like it.

Curiosity killed the cat, Mr. Strange. But I will tell you. 'Magic'. I figured it would be harder for someone to take if it was in an odd place.

With Regards, Tyki Mikk.